Water is the vital liquid par excellence that ensures the existence of life on earth, it is the natural resource that helps other resources; In San Juan Agroexport we know this great truth very well, that is why we have various techniques that allow us to take care of this vital liquid, today we will see some of them.

Water Management Programs

The Environment Committee in San Juan Agroexport defines three activities in order to implement the integrated management of water resources:

1. Awareness and participation

As part of raising awareness in San Juan Agroexport, it is an important pillar to encourage awareness of the importance of water as a scarce resource and of the corresponding responsibilities for proper management.

2. Expansion of knowledge

Thanks to the data provided by the knowledge through the awareness of the care of the vital liquid, the knowledge is expanded on issues of supply security and the adequacy of water sanitation, all aimed at the rational use of water.

Waste water management

The management of wastewater in the plant has been standardized in order to meet the requirements set forth in the Regulation of the discharge and re-use of wastewater and the disposal of sludge (Government Agreement No. 236-2006), among the practices that exist are:

Physicochemical analysis of water: The physicochemical analysis of wastewater is carried out once every six months in order to verify compliance with the parameters established by the Regulation of discharge and reuse of wastewater and disposal of sludge.

Septic tanks: Septic tanks are used to capture discharge water from toilets, changing rooms and offices. These are kept in optimal conditions and the sludge is removed by a specialized company when it reaches its storage limit.

Wastewater treatment plant: The organization has two treatment plants for wastewater treatment, these receive internal maintenance two to three times a week to separate non-organic waste, additionally enzymes are being applied to help the degradation of fats from the detergents used in the cleaning and disinfection process and to reduce the amount of fecal coliforms present in the discharge water.

As a socially responsible company, it is our duty to ensure the care and conservation of water, it is a commitment to our planet as part of returning each of the benefits that it has given us, for such commitment is that #SomosSanJuan.


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