There are many ways in which quality is developed within a company, from a preliminary approach we can talk about the production processes, internal quality controls, and the final product as such, however, within all that logistics there are others procedures that allow us to ensure that we deliver the quality of our products from our farms to your table, today we will learn about one of them: packaging.

Importance of packaging in products

Packaging is the means where the products reach the final consumer, therefore, it is necessary that during the journey these products are maintained with the quality and freshness that characterizes them so that our customers can enjoy delicious green, fresh and quality vegetables. .

The packaging that preserves the quality of the products must have at least 4 important factors:

Protection: The packaging protects the physical integrity of the vegetables. At San Juan Agroexport we are committed to presenting our products for their aesthetics, texture and size to provide you with the best experience.

Each package is developed based on the needs of our customers, we have packaging for retail, food service, wholesalers market, among others.

Hygiene: The packaging helps the products to be preserved in an environment free of bacteria and sources of contamination, in this way San Juan Agroexport takes care of your health and that of your family by providing green vegetables to maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Standardization: Our packaging has high standards and certifications that assure us that our products will arrive with the quality that characterizes us, we have national and foreign suppliers that have developed ideal technology for the creation of packaging that fully insures our vegetables and is friendly to the environment, as part of our sustainability commitment to our nation and the planet.

Freshness: Another characteristic of the packages is their ability to maintain the freshness of the products, these packages contribute to extend the useful life of the products, the packages used by San Juan Agroexport maintain the freshness that characterizes our vegetables, with this we ensure that you taste vegetables as fresh as when they are harvested from our crops.

Product labeling

Another important point that is presented on the packaging is the labeling, where you will find very important information in reference to the nutritional contributions of the products.

Our labeling complies with the rules of the Food Labeling Guide of the FDA, USDA and other laws that govern the different destination markets of our vegetables, when there are modifications to the legislation, we immediately replace the new versions, always respecting the international standards of this item.

Our firm commitment is to deliver the best products from Guatemala to the world, that is why we take the pertinent care with each process that involves bringing quality to you with the importance it deserves, that is #WeAreSanJuan.

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