Social Responsability

We are a company founded in 1985 located in San Juan Sacatepéquez, Guatemala. We work with groups of farmers who base their economic activity on agriculture as the main source of income and at the same time allocate part of the land to plant corn and beans for family food and nutritional security. The main crops of San Juan Agroexport are: snow peas, sweet peas, and French beans.


Our success depends as much on an effective and efficient relationship with our clients as with our collaborators.

The San Juan AgroExport team, which has more than 500 employees divided into 6 departments, is regularly trained not only on current business issues, but we also reinforce topics such as food and nutritional safety, self-esteem, gender, first aid, among others.

Within our facilities we have an entertainment room that includes an armchair and different games in which employees can be distracted and reduce stress.

Environmental Protection

We promote environmental protection through integrated agricultural practices, such as better use of chemicals, crop rotation, and proper waste management.



We are committed to the production, processing and marketing of fresh vegetables through an environmental management system that guarantees the protection of our environment with actions aimed at minimizing the negative impact.


San Juan AgroExport is highly committed to complying with national and international environmental legal requirements, the agreements signed with interested parties, effective communication and continuous improvement of our environmental performance.


• Accelerated primary education program

This program started 10 years ago and has allowed many of our collaborators to start and finish primary education in 3 years.

• Basic education program

On October 28, 2013, we began a collaborative relationship with the Guatemalan Institute of Radio Schools (IGER) to open the basic cycle at the San Juan AgroExport facilities. To support this program, an economic investment was made for basic infrastructur

• Bachelor’s Program in Sciences and Letters


In January 2017, the San Juan Agroexport Institute and the Guatemalan Institute of Radio Schools (IGER) again joined ties to inaugurate the Bachelor of Science and Letters with a duration of 2 years. San Juan AgroExport provided the investment for the benefit of our collaborator

Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation

We strive to promote the socio-economic development of the country in a responsible and sustainable manner.

The social area is projected to employees and the community in alliance with the Juan Francisco García Comparini Foundation, implementing various projects focused on transforming the lives of a large number of people who live in rural areas of our country. The projects are divided into health, nutrition and housing.