Our History


San Juan Agro Export is a Guatemalan family business, founded in 1,985 by the two brothers Tulio and Victor Hugo Garcia Morales, that produces, processes and commercializes fresh vegetables and fruits with the highest QUALITY and food safety standards. This is our mission.

After 30 years of experience and leading in agribusiness, we have built an image of reliability, service and Quality. That´s what San Juan Agroexport is all about. WE LOVE QUALITY.


We are currently responsible for supplying just over 30% of the sweet and snow peas consumed in the US market. Strategic alliances with government and companies at a national and international level have allowed us to export larger volumes, diversify the offer and expand access to new markets.


We produce, process and market competitive agricultural products of excellent quality, honestly and responsibly, guaranteeing food safety and satisfaction of clients, producers, suppliers, collaborators and shareholders; in a framework of loyalty, respect and sustainability.



Consolidate leadership as a Guatemalan company that produces, processes and markets agricultural products in the United States and European markets.