We believe and trust that the path to a better nation is to bet on education so we have three programs:

  • Accelerated primary education program

This program started 10 years ago and has allowed many of our collaborators to initiate and complete primary education in 3 years.

  • Basic education program

On October 28, 2013 we began a partnership with the Guatemalan Institute of Radio Schools (IGER) to open the basic cycle in the facilities of San Juan AgroExport. To support this program, an economic investment was made for basic infrastructure.

  • High school program

In January 2017, the San Juan Agroexport Institute and the Guatemalan Institute of Radiophonic Schools (IGER) once again joined forces to inaugurate a 2-year baccalaureate in Science. San Juan AgroExport provided the investment for the benefit of our collaborators.